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OutDry® - ūdensnecaurlaidības tehnoloģija

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OutDry® uses a one-piece patented construction process that creates a waterproof breathable barrier. This impenetrable layer is heat-bonded directly to the outer fabric, leaving no seams, no gaps, and no way for water to get in. Compare that to traditional waterproof technology. Water gets in and stays in, collecting in the space between the inner and outer layers, making them heavy and wet. OutDry® improves fit and dexterity, keeping you drier, lighter and more comfortable.

OutDry® is the innovative Italian technology to waterproof footwear, gloves and other clothing items where the standard manufacturing techniques based on seam-sealed waterproof fabrics cannot be utilized. Thanks to the OutDry® patented lamination process, the waterproof/ breathable membrane is directly bonded to the external layer of the shoe or glove, perfectly sealing any possible water entry point. Developed and patented by Italian company Nextec srl, in collaboration with Komatsu Seiren co. Ltd. (Japan), OutDry® technology is not an additional membrane in the market but a real innovation in waterproof/breathable footwear and gloves manufacture.

OutDry® - ūdensnecaurlaidības tehnoloģija

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